Rebound Therapy

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Rebound Therapy

What is it:

An intensive technique that uses a trampoline to provide therapeutic exercises, skills and movement opportunities for children, young people and adults with additional needs and disabilities.


The trampoline can be manipulated by the Therapist to provide an individualised programme to meet the needs of the user.


Why is it beneficial:

Rebound therapy is a whole mind and body approach that benefits the individual in a number way including, but not limited to:

  • Facilitates movement: Great for people with limited mobility, such as wheelchair users, cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, etc
  • Promotes balance and spatial awarewar: Great for those who struggle with coordination, such as dyspraxia, developmental coordination disorder, etc
  • Improves fitness and/or exercise tolerance: Great for those who struggle with convention exercises such as those who are obese, Chronic Fatigue, Cystic Fibroses, etc
  • Improves social and communication skills: Great for those who find group situations difficult or are unable to express their needs, such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, those who are non-verbal, selective mute, etc
  • Firms and tones the muscles: Great for those with hypertonia, hypotonia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), etc
  • Provides and outlet for hyperactivity: Great for ADHD, ADD and all children with boundless energy!
  • It is FUN!!! Great for everyone!


What we offer

  • ATA Care currently provides 1:1 sessions with qualified Rebound Therapists and/or British Gymnastics Trampoline Coaches.
  • Price: £45 per hour
  • Location: South-East London
  • Venue: A suitable venue will be identified (please note, this may incur additional costs). In some circumstances, a large garden trampoline may be used
  • Personal Budgets: Personal budgets or EHC plan funds can be used. Group sessions can also be arranged through pooling personal budgets

If you would like to discuss individual needs please send an email to:


More information:

  • Trampoline Club in South-East London:
    • Greenwich Bouncers provide a variety of group trampoline classes for children (starting at age 3), young people and adults (adult fitness class using the trampoline called ‘Bounce Your Way to Fitness’) based in South-East London